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Buy Pro Black Certified Black Owned™ logo is a certification mark that ensures the product or service is provided by a black majority owned business. The certification mark is easily visible to consumers seeking black-owned businesses.

Benefits of Certified Black Owned™
Buy Pro Black Certified Black Owned™ logo allows consumers to see the face behind the brand! Now more than ever consumers are conscious of where their hard earned dollars end up. By stamping your products or service with our logo your business not only gains increased visibility but show a commitment to the cause.


Review the Requirement Criteria, and our Terms of Use policy. 

Submit the Required Documentationa video of you discussing the nature of your business and the $50.00 application fee which will be applied to your annual licensing fee. Note: Additional Information may be required if we need to verify identity and/ or keep the integrity of the mark. 

Check your email for your approval status. Processing takes a minimum of two weeks.

Once approved, pay Licensing Fee to start using the Certified Black Owned™ logo.

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Yes, the $50 application fee is Non-refundable. However, the application fee will be applied to the initial licensing fee once approved.

No, you must be approved before you can use the mark. Submission of an application does not grant you a license to use our certification mark.

The application process takes between 2-4 weeks.

Regardless of when you apply, the recertification application and fee will be due by the last day of February of each year. If you do not recertify, you must stop using the mark immediately.

The recertification fee is half of the initial fee based on your yearly revenue. 

Price is determined on your business most recent tax return. Please refer to the pricing table to find your pricing band.

Fee BandAnnual RevenueInitial Licensing FeeRenewal Fee
Aup to $15,000$150$75
Bup to $100,000$250$125
Cup to $250,000$400$200
Dup to $500,000$600$300
Eup to $999,999$1,000$500
Fover $1 million$2,000$1,000
G$10 million +$3,000$1,500

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