You are encouraged to apply if your business meets all of the following criteria…

  • Be a for profit business
  • 51% of the ownership is of African Descent and identifies as African American or Black (as defined on the United States Census)
  • Demonstrates economic viability or potential for economic viability
  • The business does not have any history or judgements of fraud, deceptive and unfair trade practices, and is in good standing with all governmental and regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction over the business
  • Business is located in the United States or a territory of the United States or United Kingdom

Required Documentation

Documentation that is required to start the certification process. 

  • State or federal issued photo identification
  • Financial Records
    • Most recent IRS tax returns (1040, 1065, 1120) not required for businesses that have not filed (US)
    • Balance sheet, cash flow statement, profit & loss statement, etc….) This is for newer businesses who have not filed taxes
    • Tax verification
  • Business Registration/incorporation verification

Additional Documentation

The following documents are not required but we may ask for one or all, in the event that we need to verify identity and/or keep the integrity of the mark.  

  • Birth certificate with Ethnic Designation (not required but recommended)
  • Certificate or Proof of Good standing for professional industries (lawyers, accountants, doctors, architects etc.)
  • Business plan or Business Projection
  • Any agreements affecting ownership (Operating Agreement, Partnership Agreement, Bylaws)
  • Any other supporting documents that will help with the authentication of your application

Licensing Fee Table

Fee BandAnnual RevenueInitial Licensing FeeRenewal Fee
Aup to $15,000$150$75
Bup to $100,000$250$125
Cup to $250,000$400$200
Dup to $500,000$600$300
Eup to $999,999$1,000$500
Fover $1 million$2,000$1,000
G$10 million +$3,000$1,500