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A recent movement to ‘Buy Black’ has gained traction within the black community. While many Black Businesses benefited from this uprising so did Non-Black Businesses that exploited supporters of the movement for economic gain. Buy Pro Black was created to protect consumers from fraudulent companies with shady practices and ensure that they know exactly who receives their dollars.


We offer ‘verified’ Black-Owned Businesses an opportunity to get certified. Our goal is to help increase the visibility of the Small Black-Owned Enterprise. We hope that increased representation in communities where small businesses thrive will promote black ownership, boost productivity and strengthen local economies thus improving accessibility and close the wealth gap. Keep the movement going, get certified!

"I'm rooting for everyone black." -ISSA RAE


We are committed to providing the highest standard of service for Certified Black Owned™ Businesses and maintaining the integrity of our mark for consumers, organizations and government agencies that support the growth and development of black-owned enterprises.

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Miguel Andre Sr.
Miguel and his wife have ensured that Buy Pro Black will be a Certified Black Owned™ Business for generations to come by grooming their children to eventually lead the business. Each child has been assigned future roles based on their interests and talents. These roles will be adapted as the children grow and develop since they are his legacy and future owners of Buy Pro Black.
Future Owners
The Andre Tribe
Miguel’s daughter will be the future Chief Financial Officer as she is financially savvy for her age and interested in the Stock Market. The eldest son and future Chief Information Officer loves coding and is interested in anything related to information technology. The Andre’s second eldest son and future Marketing Director exudes creativity which allows him to light up a room and make friends easily. Their youngest son and future Chief Executive Officer, is a definitely ‘Boss Baby’ as he runs the Andre household.
Garry Louima, Esq.
Marketing Manager
Viola Smith

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