So you’ve started a freelance business, now what?

Starting a business as a freelancer is easy because you can choose to work for yourself, having freedom and flexibility. However, what many freelancers fail to realize is that business will be much harder to maintain despite the perks of choosing this career. In most cases, finding gigs is not the hard part but building a devoted customer base is the challenge.

Its critical to keep customers returning to your business, which It’s critical to keep customer returning to your business, which means gaining their loyalty. Here’s some perspective. I put myself in a customer’s place when I was in the market for a new computer. Guess what brand I chose without question? Apple. I had never owned anything from Apple before. But, after reading countless reviews and witnessing people endlessly  recommend the brand, I decided to take a leap of faith.  As reported by MacRumors  Apple’s Mac and IPad devices ranked the highest in 2020. IN 2019, Apple also held the top spot in customer satisfaction ratings against its competitors. Do you know how they continue to lead in household electronics? It’s the customer satisfaction which inevitably creates loyal customers. So, as a freelancer, how would you do the same? 

Here are 3 ways to bring customer loyalty to your business. 

Be Unique

It’s always great to have a unique idea that sets your business apart from others who share the same niche. You create your own lane, but how do you truly stand out? Target the right audience and understand what your customers value with a creative business model. As a freelancer, you should ask yourself who can I serve? How can I best serve them? What degree of satisfaction will customers gain from using my services? Think about how you can incorporate the answers to these questions into your business model. Surely, you will curate satisfied customers whose trust you would have earned, and trust is a fundamental part of any business. 

Produce Quality Work 

Now that you have satisfied customers, it’s expected that your hard work will attract newcomers in due time. At this point, it will be necessary to remember “quality over quantity.” Your customers need to know they are working with someone passionate about what they do. When you love your work, you’ll love your customers. Always give your best and pour the same energy into your customers that you wish to come back to your business. 

Add a Personal Touch

Don’t just be a brand, be a voice. What are you saying to your customers? Your work reflects who you are. Again, with thousands of other freelancers who share the same niche, it should be a goal to pave your own lane to showcase your uniqueness. Your personality will be what makes you stand out from your competitors. Creating loyal customers means to not merely think of them as transactions — they’re people. In other words, you should work on building meaningful relationships. You will most likely be their first choice rather than them choosing to work with another freelancer.

Whether you’re new to the freelancing business or you’ve been at it for a while, you should focus on customer loyalty. After all, customers who keep coming back play a massive role in your business’s success –– sell more items, save on marketing cost, and get the word out about your business. Try using the tips listed above and implement measurable systems that will allow you to track your service efforts. 

Moving forward, how will you create loyal customers? Let us know in the comments belot